Watch Out! These Are the Signs that You’re Dealing with a Wicked Person

Fooled? Betrayed? Scammed?

Most of us have experienced being victimized by both strangers and people we know. Some got robbed of money; others, their happiness.

Unfortunately, the pain of someone breaking your trust is often more excruciating to you than it is to the wrongdoer. In fact, many unscrupulous persons behave like nothing happened, like they have done nothing wrong.

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Is there a way to avoid such unconscionable persons?

What’s a dead giveaway that someone is not a good person? A question posted by u/ricky1g on the popular forum r/AskReddit now has almost 50k votes and more than 22,000 comments.

Here are some of the interesting answers:

“Never taking accountability for anything,” said amesn_84.

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“This is actually a pretty good indicator of a person with some kind of personality disorder like narcissistic. The clue you are looking for is that nothing is ever their fault. Unless it’s really good, then of course it was all them,” added Hydrolix_.

“How someone treats another person based on their job title. Anyone who treats a server, maid, garbage person, etc like crap is just telling the world how much a piece they are,” remarked lizzyd08 who won awards for this answer.

Meanwhile, MiddleZealousideal89 wrote, “Treating people well only if they can benefit from them in some way. If they treat you well, but treat random people like shit, they aren’t good people. And they’ll treat you like shit too if you ever stop being of use to them.”

Photo: YouTube/Brainy Dose

NYArtFan1 likewise shared this dead giveaway that someone is 100% a bad person: “A complete lack of compassion, unless it’s about themselves. Putting people down for fun. Never accepting responsibility for shitty behavior. Everything is always about them. Everything. Even if you’re going through something difficult, suddenly they’ve been through the same thing, but worse. Even when they’re being ‘generous,’ it’s for public display and not from a genuine place. Sulking and throwing fits to get their way.”

And this comment from forculus_of_rome was definitely an ominous sign: “If they brag about how they pulled a fast one on other people. As if to say how smart/slick they are and everyone else is stupid.”

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