A Couple’s Engagement was Postponed Due to Girlfriend’s Display of Annoying Behavior

Being funny and playful is an endearing trait, but a person must know their limits. There are appropriate times to tell a joke or prank someone — always learn to read the room. Some wouldn’t even appreciate a joke, especially when it comes off annoying or condescending. For this reason, being funny is all about timing and the right amount of humor.

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For people in a relationship, partners should be aware of each other’s type of humor and pet peeves. These are essential details that should be respected and never forgotten. Sometimes your humor can be your partner’s pet peeve, especially when you’re deliberately doing it to annoy your partner. And if you display such behaviors even on serious occasions, it might strain your relationship. For instance, kidding about your answer after your partner genuinely professed their intention to marry you.

TAGFNo shared an experience with a girlfriend who took things too far with just one word — no. It can be funny at first, but the behavior was TAGFNo’s pet peeve. According to her Reddit post, “My (25F) girlfriend, Molly (26F) for the last… 6 months started with a joke that I’ve already made clear that I don’t like. It consists of her saying ‘No’ quickly to anything I ask.” The girlfriend continued with the joke, which somehow turned into a habit.

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It even came to the point that her girlfriend would do it in front of their friends. TAGFNo was extremely frustrated, and she talked to her girlfriend about it, which stopped her for a month. Then it happened again during an event that was supposed to be an important milestone for their relationship. OP planned a surprise proposal for her girlfriend at home with their parents and two best friends.

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The beautiful moment turned into an awkward situation when OP’s girlfriend answered no. “I asked her to marry me, and she said a quick NO, and I was so grumpy/panicked/upset (everyone looking in shock) for 30s for her to laugh and say she was joking, finally saying YES,” OP wrote. Due to embarrassment, she took the ring back and went out of the house. The girlfriend contacted her and explained herself, but OP refused to answer her calls.

The whole issue has made 4.2k Reddit users comment on the situation — sharing one sentiment. Clearly, the girlfriend has displayed annoying behavior, although she finds it funny. Reddit users like MaroonFahrenheit wrote, “Your girlfriend just learned a much-needed lesson on why you don’t joke and say no when you mean yes. And you are not making the situation uncomfortable because of a ‘silly joke’ — SHE is.” The commenter received 20.4k upvotes, which started a thread of replies.

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People also questioned why OP would settle for someone like her girlfriend. If the girlfriend couldn’t behave right and respect her partner’s pet peeves, it would reflect on their life after marriage. Furthermore, Reddit users noticed how the girlfriend failed to apologize.

LemonTatta commented, “Out of all the things that are wrong from her side, one that stands out to me the most is that afterward, she still puts the blame on you and does not even apologize. If you see that your partner is hurt by something you did (yes, even a joke), any well-adjusted human being would apologize.”

Obviously, the girlfriend needs to learn more lessons in life to mature well. No one should be pushed to the edge and still be the one to apologize. Maybe marriage is not yet the next step, especially for OP. A significant milestone shouldn’t be treated as a joke or a prank. You can share your opinion on TAGFNo’s Reddit post if you also have an opinon. What do you think?

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