Touching Video Shows Moment Young Girl Meets Her Great Grandmother For The First Time

If you’re lucky to have a grandparent in your life that is a pretty special thing. It’s even luckier if your grandparent is still mentally sharp.

Unfortunately, sometimes as we age, things like dementia and Alzheimer’s can take hold and mess with someone’s mind. When that happens, sometimes people forget important things about their life – including family members in some cases.

Photo: Unsplash/Jorge Lopez

My grandma developed Alzheimer’s in the last few years of her life. Fortunately, I’d had 23 good years to spend with her, but it was still very hard seeing her deteriorate in that manner.

For one little girl, the fact that her great-grandmother had dementia had no impact on the way that she reacted to seeing her. The young girl, Sophie, had never met her great-grandmother before. It was her first time meeting her blind, 82-year-old grandmother. And on top of that, the great grandmother had dementia.

Photo: YouTube/Sandy Miller

Still, Sophie showed her great grandma an insurmountable amount of love when she met her, as she began to singing “You Are My Sunshine” while stroking her great grandma’s face.

The elderly woman’s reaction was to smile. It was such a beautiful moment that made a lot of people cry.

Photo: YouTube/Sandy Miller

Sophie’s parents recorded the whole thing, later uploading it to YouTube with the caption, “We were worried what her reaction would be but what happen next surprised us…a beautiful moment.”

Watch the tearjerker of a video down below:

It was impossible to get through the video clip without crying!

What did you think of the granddaughter’s sweet gesture for her grandmother? Let us know!

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