Dog Leads Search Team To Toddler Lost In Arctic Forest After 11 Days

Any time a child goes missing, it is a desperate situation. With a phone call, suddenly there are many people on hand to help out, and the word starts spreading. That is why we often get Amber Alerts, and we continue to get them until the child is found.

Nobody knows this better than the parents of a four-year-old girl named Karina. According to ABC6, she had wandered into the Taiga boreal forest with her dog, Kyachaan.

Photo: YouTube/Did You Know Animals?

That forest is located in the Arctic, so when it started getting dark outside, the family and many in the community started to get worried.

Hundreds of people from the community got together to search for the little girl and they continued to search the following day but were unable to find her.

Photo: YouTube/Did You Know Animals?

The entire town seemed to chip in to help find Karina, and they continued to search for a week. Eventually, they began to get concerned that they would never find the little girl again.

For 11 days, Karina and her faithful dog wandered through the woods looking for food and water. She did find some fresh water that they could drink and some berries, but it wasn’t enough to sustain them.

Photo: YouTube/Did You Know Animals?

Thankfully, she had Kyachaan with her, because he was able to fend off wild animals that are found in the Taiga. He also helped to keep the little girl warm when it got cold at night.

After 11 days had passed, Kyachaan came running into town and took the rescuers directly to Karina.

Photo: YouTube/Did You Know Animals?

She was found in some tall grass about 4 miles outside of the village. Although she was frightened and weak, she was not injured.

You can hear about the story in the video below:

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