How a Little Girl Became a Mother to Three Ducks

We often hear about dogs being man’s best friend, and we may have a pet in our family that really proves just how well animals and children can get along.

Those bonds are not limited to only dogs and cats. That fact is clearly seen and beautifully illustrated in a story about a little girl named Opal.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

Opal was out with her mother at the park and they saw a duck egg on the sidewalk. At first, the mother was nervous about Opal touching the duck egg, but it wasn’t long before they realized it needed to be rescued.

Bringing the Egg Home

They brought the egg home and put it in a safe location so it could incubate. It wasn’t long before the little duck was working her way out of the egg, and suddenly, a little duckling was born.

They named the little duck Starlight, and immediately, she was a new member of the family. Opal was absolutely smitten with Starlight, and she was there to see her first steps and help nurture her as she grew.

After doing some research, they learned that ducks thrive when they have other ducks around, so they rescued two other ducks from a local rescue.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

Starlight was no longer the only duck in the home. Now they had Stormie and Rain by her side.

Becoming A Duck Mom

Immediately, Starlight took on the role of mother, and the other ducks would follow her anywhere she went. It doesn’t matter if they were going in the pool for a splash in the water or wandering around the yard, they were never apart.

Opal also benefited from the bond. Her mother recognized how much confidence she was gaining, and she can’t help but be there for the ducks, even if it means sitting in the rain and holding one on her lap.

This is a beautiful story that shows us just how much little animals can mean to us and our families.

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