Giant Slide In Detroit Causes Havoc During Its First Day Of Relaunching, Gets Shut Down The Same Day

Hold on to your heads and bottoms, people! This slide will give you the ride of your life. You may even think you’ve developed the ability to fly all of a sudden!

No, seriously. If you aren’t careful with using this giant slide, you might actually fly.

Alright, I might be exaggerating with the flying bit, but I’m serious when I tell you that you might go home bruised if you decide to take a trip down this gigantic slide.

It was only last month when the internet exploded with various videos of people going down Belle Isle’s giant slide. Is the appeal coming from envy about how fun the slide seems to be, or do people just find it funny how the riders go chaotically, to say the least, down the slide?

The giant slide itself isn’t new in Belle Isle Park; it’s been there since the early ‘90s. But when they decided to reopen this ride, things didn’t really go down smoothly.

Just four hours after opening the giant slide, authorities at the park decided to close it down to avoid having their excited patrons getting injured, saying that they were going to make some adjustments.

Here’s a short compilation on just how wild it looks like going down the giant slide is. I share the same sentiment as the poster… my body hurts just looking at this video.

One concerned parent was interviewed and said, “what I noticed was the impact they were hitting the ground with coming off the hills.”

“I was going down way faster than I thought I was. Gravity hurts,” said the concerned parent’s child.

According to ABC13 News, the park management planned to retouch the wax on the giant slide in hopes of controlling the speed when they decided to shut it down.

Belle Isle Park – Michigan’s Facebook account also posted an update when they re-relaunched the slide, telling people that they have scrubbed down the slide’s surface to help control the originally outrageous speed. They also included a how-to video on the proper way to ride down the giant slide.

We can finally witness people try the slide without suffering any kind of injury.

Turns out, all you have to do is lean forward! But it appears that message hasn’t been clear to most of the riders so far. Yikes!

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