Cat Toy Company Marks its 40th Anniversary by Making ‘World’s Largest Catnip Kicker’

A business reaching its 40th anniversary is kind of exciting, and one company in Maine is getting a kick out of theirs… literally.

The Pussums Cat Company, which offers premium catnip toys and gifts, is celebrating its 40-year milestone with a 72-inch tall catnip kicker toy. The unofficial world’s largest catnip kicker, as they’ve dubbed it, has a 50-inch circumference and 35 pounds of catnip inside. Not surprisingly, the promotion has been pretty irresistible to cats.


Susan Shaw, whose family has owned The Pussums Cat Company since 2010, says, “The Kitties at PALS No-Kill Cat Shelter in Winthrop got to test out the kicker for quality and they loved it. One cat in particular claimed it as her own and was ferociously defending it against the other kitties.”


Other felines have gotten the chance to investigate the kicker, too, including hospice foster cats that live at the company’s retail location in Turner, Maine. It’s also spent the summer on a little vacation, touring New England so that cat lovers can take a look, snap a picture with it, and bring home some free samples for their furry friends.

Shaw says plenty of their other toys have tantalized cats, as well, including the Wicked Kick-Ah Nip, which measures a more modest but still sizable 11×3 inches, as well as a new line of teasers with feathers, fleece, and braids. As part of the anniversary, there are 40% off deals being offered for one such item each month, but the big celebration is with the impressive six-foot-tall creation.


Shaw explains, “We wanted to do something fun that had never been done before in the world of catnip, which is how we came up with the idea for the World’s Largest Catnip Kicker.”

So, could we expect another gargantuan cat toy when they mark their 80th?

Shaw says, “Maybe in the next 40 years we will have to defend our title, but we are looking forward to making cats happy all over the world!”


To see the tour dates for the kicker, check out the company’s website. If you miss any of the dates, you can always stop by their retail location, where it will be proudly displayed throughout the foreseeable future. The store is located on Auburn Road in Turner, Maine, and is open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. You can also visit their website to see all of their products.

For footage of the kicker, watch the video below!

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