On the Ground with Volunteers in the War-Torn Cities of Ukraine

Over a year after Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, the need for food and basic supplies to support life is just as desperate as it was at the very beginning.

Attacks are intensifying in certain parts of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian people are living in cramped quarters in shelters or with host families. Many of them experience frequent power outages, bomb threats and attacks, and scarcity of a variety of resources. Bombings happen at all hours of the day and night, and they often target power supply plants and other important infrastructure, making it harder for the affected population to survive. The Ukrainian people and their pets are still in desperate need of your help!

Photo: GreaterGood/Nina Yevtushenko


However, despite all of this, there are signs of hope, including several areas of Ukraine that have been liberated within the last few months. The small city of Snigirevka, in the Mykolaiv region, for example, was occupied by Russian forces for a full nine months, but it has recently been liberated.

12,000 people again have control of their own city and their own lives. Many are returning after evacuations and beginning to rebuild their bombed buildings and bury their dead. The win was an important one for Ukraine. Nina Yevtushenko, our on-the-ground representative in Ukraine, reports that the city contains a railway junction and an important foothold at the banks of the Ingulets River, assets the Russians will sorely miss.

Photo: GreaterGood/Nina Yevtushenko

Another ray of hope in this cloud of darkness is all the volunteer assistance and donations from people around the world. Volunteers of all conceivable nationalities have given up weeks and even months of their time to live in dangerous territories and help feed the hungry, and donors from across the planet are supporting organizations like ours to help donate hot meals, food ration boxes, blankets, toys for children, pet food, and more. GreaterGood, with our non-profit partner, Greater Good Charities, is dedicated to continuing to support Ukraine as it fights for its freedom.

According to Yevtushenko, the hope is to distribute 1,000 boxes of food and supplies and 2,000 blankets within the month of March. We will also distribute pet food to people with pets and medical kits to areas that need them.


Our partner, Siobhan’s Trust, is helping to fight hunger in Ukraine by distributing hundreds of pizzas and other food items per day to people in need. They’ve recently been in the Kirovohrad region, a less populous region that has been largely forgotten in the midst of the fighting which has therefore experienced supply-chain issues. Soon, Siobhan’s Trust and its volunteers will be traveling to their next stops — the Nikolaev and Kherson regions, which lie in the southern part of Ukraine. They were recently liberated and lie roughly 20 kilometers from current Russian-controlled territory.

Photo: GreaterGood/Nina Yevtushenko

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