3 AM Bombing Destroyed All This Ukrainian Grandmother Had Left in the World

The Russian attacks on Ukraine are taking human lives, leaving pets and people homeless, shutting down businesses, cutting power lines, and restricting citizens’ access to a plethora of vital resources. Vulnerable people and pets located in conflict zones live in constant fear of the next attack. This is just one of many sad stories of the devastation the Russo-Ukrainian war has wreaked on individual people.

An elderly grandmother named Marusia was awakened from her slumber around 3 in the morning when the Russians began bombing near her home. Thanks to the quick actions of the territorial defense soldiers in the area, she and all her neighbors were quickly evacuated to a safer place, and, miraculously, no one was killed that night.

However, several homes and buildings were damaged or destroyed in the missile attack, and Marusia’s home was completely obliterated, along with everything in it.


Photo: Ukraine Alive


The elderly woman is now living in cramped quarters in the nearest building that was not destroyed with all of her neighbors whose homes were also destroyed. For the time being, they are completely dependent on outside support to get their daily needs met. This includes food, bedding, medical supplies, and everything else they need to stay alive. It is unclear when they will be able to begin to rebuild.

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