Redditors Share the Moments They Realized They Were Getting Old

When you belong to the older generation, you’ll probably notice some things that are not present or rarely found anymore in the current one. You won’t be able to help but reminisce on those things and how you felt during those times long ago. Sometimes you won’t remember your age, especially when you are mostly surrounded by people from the same generation. However, when you scroll through social media, shop at malls, or observe your surroundings, you can’t deny the extreme changes.

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You’ll realize that places are being replaced by new ones, appliances are being upgraded, and music is much different than before. Moreover, it’s not just the trends that remind you of your age. A person is reminded that they are a year older when their health and preferences are not the same. Your taste in food changes, your alcohol tolerance decreases, and moving is tiring more than ever. Each time the year goes up, you’ll simply accept that getting older is truly inevitable — no matter how young at heart you are.

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A long list of comments about things that make a person feel older can be seen on Reddit. It’s like, “tell me your age without actually saying it,” and people enjoyed the discussion. The post has currently reached 5.0k votes and 6.9k comments. Listed below are some answers to the question, “What’s a thing that makes you think, “Wow, I’m really getting older“?

Joint and Body Pain

“Everything creaks, and what doesn’t creak hurts,” was the answer of insane_noises. The Reddit user received 3.5k upvotes for a relatable comment. The replies were filled with rants about how body pain increases as they age. Fthewigg funnily replied, “When you’re looking around for the hidden sniper that expertly blew out your Achilles while you were casually walking up the stairs.” Some people also commented that working out is the best solution, but it gets difficult when you hear a creak or a pop with just one move.

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Fashion Trends from Previous Years

Generation X and millennials can easily keep up with fashion trends these days. All they have to do is whip up clothing from their old cabinet and still dress in style. This is because fashion trends these days are inspired by previous ones. What was hot before quickly came back and won the hearts of Generation Z. HotSauceHigh commented, “This fashion phase is the first time I’m watching my youth be relived around. It’s sweet to see, tbh.”

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The Existence of CDs

Due to the further advancement of technology, you can watch and listen to anything on devices connected to the internet. Unlike before, people don’t have to buy a player to play CDs and DVDs. As DHammer79 answered, “The CD turned 40 today.” It can quickly remind someone about their age if they remember its relevance. Laptops and desktops with a CD drive are even rarer these days. Although it’s not as essential as before, a CD collection would be a great idea as an investment and memorabilia.

The Age of the Adults You Grew Up With

From a young age, people have adults who they depend on. They are either parents, grandparents, or close relatives. Once you notice their physical appearance change, you’ll also check yourself. As they age, your age also goes up. AmyHeartsYou was the one who commented about it and got 2.5k upvotes. NortWind also pointed out that someone can feel their age when children turn into full-grown adults. The children you once babysat or celebrated their first birthday are having their own families now or are now thriving in their chosen fields.

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Retirement of Favorite Artists

Artists in various fields are retiring one by one. GargantuanCake shared, “Some of my favorite bands from yesteryear are having their retirement tours. Musicians I’ve been listening to for a good chunk of my life are occasionally dying of things other than drug overdoses. Just normal ‘got old, body quit working’ things.” In addition, youngsters aren’t familiar with the iconic artist that became a symbol of a particular generation. When you mention their names, young ones have to search for them on the internet. It can be nostalgic yet sad at the same time.

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Your age may go up, and your body might change with it, but there are still many things to be grateful for. It’s important to give thanks that you have been able reach such an age. You can also pass down the best things from your generation to the younger ones. Share your favorite songs from bands you couldn’t stop listening to back then. Someone from the younger generation will truly appreciate it since many old souls are out there.

You can romanticize your age or face reality. Remember that you are in the best years of your life, no matter how old you feel. Your body might ache more than before, but the knowledge is there. You are much more mature and have built yourself into your best version. Getting older is inevitable, and accepting it will give you a better life perspective.

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