Redditor Asks, “What Are You Starting To Like Less The Older You Get?”

Another year passes by, and we all get another year added to our age.

And as people grow older, we keep some things close to our hearts, while there are other things that do not pass the test of time, and then there are some new things that inevitably come along with aging.

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Redditor u/aisha2313 asked Reddit, “What are you starting to like LESS the older you get?”

I’ll give you some time to think.

For as much as a music lover I claim to be, I can never blast my music on max volume like I used to do when I was younger. Just losing myself and feeling the beats strike my eardrums isn’t as appealing as I remember it being when I tried it once recently.

Maybe my ears have become fragile, or maybe I’ve just become sensitive to loud noise. Whatever the reason is, I hate that I can’t put a song on high volume as it deserves, because I can’t stand it.

Another thing would be… just lazing around? You know how when you were younger and you could afford not to do anything? Even getting mad at your parents when they ask you to take your afternoon nap as it “supposedly” helps you grow faster? Yeah. That.

Nowadays, I can’t help but feel restless even when I’m resting. It’s like you feel like you’re wasting time if you just do nothing. I’m not saying this strictly about business. I mean, I don’t devote all my time to work, but I also feel restless if I just relax without doing anything. I must be reading something, or playing a game on my phone if I need to rest. Is it counterproductive? Maybe. But it’s just how my brain works, I guess.

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The majority of the r/AskReddit community agrees with one comment, getting 37k upvotes, that loud noises in general are what they have been liking less the older they get. Under this comment, though, other people say that it’s the opposite for them. Those who are used to constant urban noises tend to like the quiet less as they grow older, saying that it feels eerie when they’re not surrounded by noise.

The second-most upvoted comment says, “Anything with a lot of hype that requires me to stand in a long line.”

I can’t say much about this, as I have never participated in anything that requires too much time standing in a line, because I do not have that kind of patience in me. But I have watched videos about people doing exactly that. Call me an old fart for not participating in trends, but it is what it is.

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Another user commented under the second-most upvoted one, telling their story about how they saw a “truly ridiculous line” at a state fair, an insanely long one, only to find out that it was just for donuts. For those that do this still, I can only applaud you for your incredible patience.

Now the last item I will be listing here, for this will become a novel if I include more, is parties.

Parties, drinking, and all that jazz. Yes. The crazy parties you used to go to don’t sound so appealing anymore. Gone were the days when you used to drink constantly without having any of the usual consequences that come with getting drunk. Redditors say that they don’t miss the days when they have to literally shout at the person next to them just to have a conversation over the loud music at a club or during parties. Oh, and the tinnitus that they now suffer because of those days.

Say cheese right now if you agree with any of the answers above!

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I kid. I kid. We’re all getting older, yes. But we can all still be young at heart. Enjoy the things you still enjoy, and don’t be afraid to let go of the things that don’t bring much joy to you anymore. I didn’t mean to sound deep, but reading the comments under the Reddit post made me think about things.

Cutting it off right here, folks. If you want to know more about other Redditors’ answers, check out the original post below! You might just find yourself nodding along to everything you read there.

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