German Shepherd And Pittie Step Up To Protect Little Boy Threatened By Neighbor’s Dog

When we have a dog in our life, it isn’t long before we begin to realize just how awesome they are. They are there for us through thick and thin but sometimes, they can be there for us in a very big way.

That is what happened with one family when their six-year-old son was out playing in the front yard and the family’s German Shepherd, Tank, was not far away.

Photo: TikTok/@flodaboy1

Suddenly, the neighbor’s dog came charging over but Tank was on the clock, and he did something remarkable that has people talking online.

First of all, Tank pushed the little boy to the ground, and then he stood his ground between the child and the charging dog. He doesn’t venture very far away but he stands there to protect the boy from danger.

Photo: TikTok/@flodaboy1

Tank then breaks away and chases the other dog down the driveway.

Check out the chilling footage below:

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What you don’t see fully in the video, however, is that the family had a blue nose pitbull as well and he came running out of the garage to back Tank up.

You can see the other dog more clearly in another video taken by their home security cameras.

Photo: TikTok/@flodaboy1

Speaking with ViralHog, the father described the scene in this way:

“Our 6-year-old son on Nov 8, 2022, was playing with his best friend, 1-year-old German shepherd Tank, in the front yard in South Florida. The front door neighbor’s dog got loose and charged at our son, Tank pushed our son down and stood over him to protect him, and chased the other dog until the threat was gone.”

He went on to say that the other dog was taken home by his owner and the little boy was fine.

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Some people who commented on the video said the dog didn’t appear to be aggressive but may have just been wanting to play. Regardless, Tank didn’t agree with that assessment and he went into full protective mode in order to keep the little boy safe.

It’s just another reason why we love dogs so much.

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