Missing German Shepherd Found 1,600 Miles Away From Home A Year After He Disappeared

Have you ever lost a dog? Is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a dog owner.

At first, you may do everything in your power to find your beloved animal. You comb the streets, hanging signs and maybe even knocking on doors. You post information on social media and you continue to look, day after day.

Photo: Pexels/Vladislav Tsankov

Eventually, the thought that you may never find your dog again begins to enter your mind. As the weeks turn into months, you may even begin to lose hope.

At the same time, however, we sometimes hear stories that give us hope, regardless of the situation. That is what happened recently when a dog went missing from West Sacramento and was found a year later 1,600 miles away.

According to a Facebook post in the West Sacramento Pets Lost and Found group, three-year-old Zeppelin had gone over to visit with some construction workers that were near the home. Every day they would say hello, but one day, he didn’t come back home again. His owner, Sandra O’Neill, was beside herself with grief.

Photo: Pexels/Kelly

According to KCUR, , O’Neill said: “He’s a very outgoing, loving dog. So every day he’d go down there and either he’d come home on his own or I would go out to get him.”

She went on to say that she figures somebody probably fell in love with him and took him home. They had been looking for Zeppelin ever since that time, but one day, they got a call and found out that she was alive and well.

Someone had called from Kansas and said they found the dog in her garden. After a veterinarian scanned for a microchip, they realized it was Zeppelin.

Photo: Facebook/Michelle Bandur KCRA

O’Neill went on to say: “Just the other night my husband and I were driving past the old construction site and I said a little prayer. ‘I hope you’re somewhere safe.'”

The next day, she got a call from Kansas and their dog was being driven back to California to be with the family again. This really makes O’Neill happy, because she knows the dog loves to be in the car and she’s grateful for so many people pulling together to get the dog back home again.

You can watch their reunion in the news video below:

As it turns out, their dog had fathered a litter of puppies that were born shortly before he went missing. They were only weeks old at the time and she can’t wait for them to be reunited again.

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