What’s Furry, Small, and Proud? It’s me, an Adorable German Shepherd-Corgi Mix!

Mixed breeds or hybrid dogs are today’s fad! That’s because people who want to adopt a dog are now more selective, choosing a pet according to their lifestyle, the size of their home, the size of the puppy when it grows up, and shedding because they may have allergies.

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Legitimate and knowledgeable breeders have been cross-breeding dogs out of wanting to retain the best qualities of their parents. That’s why if you want a specific mixed breed, don’t just get from any breeder you can find on the internet and elsewhere, according to to Daily Paws. There are many people who breed hybrid dogs solely for profit. You must search for a trusted breeder so you’ll get your money’s worth for the dog of your dreams.

Here are Daily Paws’s top 10 mixed breeds that are the best of both doggo dad and momma:

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  1. Pomsky (Pomeranian and Siberian Husky Mix). A smaller dog with the majestic appearance of a husky and the sweetness of a companion pet who’s devoted to its owner.
  2. Puggle (Pug and Beagle Mix). Friendly not only to humans but other dogs as well. This mixed breed is cuddly and playful, who likes being with a family or a trusted companion for an elderly.
  3. Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle Mix). Known as the ‘teddy bear’ dog, this hybrid is furry and amiable. This dog doesn’t shed; that’s why they can be perfect pets for people who have allergies.
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  5. Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles and Bichon Frisé Mix). This hybrid loves cuddles and a relaxed lifestyle. They are fun-loving and a great playmate for kids. When it comes to grooming, they are low maintenance with minimal shedding.
  6. Chiweenie (Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix). Count on this breed to be sprightly despite its petite size. They form close bonds with their owners and are comfortable living even without a yard, such as in an apartment.
  7. Morkie (Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier Mix). Cute with distinct personality and appearance, that’s what you can expect from a Morkie. The stubbornness of a Yorkshire terrier gets mellowed in this hybrid offspring, which is more spirited and very loyal to its owner./li>
    Photo: YouTube/Jaw-Dropping Facts
  8. Schnoodle (Miniature Schnauzer and Miniature Poodle Mix)
    Smart, loyal, and energetic. These are the primary qualities of this hybrid dog. They are easy to train and are fond of games and adventures, making these dogs the perfect companions for people with an active lifestyle.
  9. Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd and Poodle Mix). This hybrid is famed for its beauty, intelligence, and playfulness. It loves exercises and games, making them the right fit for active people. But they can also prove to be excellent therapy dogs and companion pets.
  10. Frenchton (French Bulldog and Boston Terrier Mix). The perfect companion for families on the go. They are deeply attached to their owners, but you can expect them to be especially fond of children of all ages as well.
  11. Photo: YouTube/Jaw-Dropping Facts
  12. Goldador (Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever Mix). The combination of these two breeds produces an offspring that’s not as fluffy or golden as a Golden Retriever, but it’s still very lovable, friendly, and playful. This hybrid is also excellent as a service dog or guide dog, like its parents, due to its high level of trainability and intelligence.

But hey, there’s someone small, adorable, and famous who’s not on this list!


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It’s Bear, a unique Corgi-German Shepherd mix who’s now a celebrity on Tiktok. Many people can’t get enough of him, amazed by the German Shepherd handsome look and petite Corgi size.

Meanwhile, others find it difficult to believe that a German Shepherd would mate with a Corgi, producing this unique offspring.

Well, to Bear, happiness is not about beauty and height. Having a forever home and being immensely loved by his human family makes him the luckiest mixed breed in the world!

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