Cats From A German Town Can Now Freely Go Outside Without Owners Paying A Hefty Fine

Hello! Remember the news about cats being grounded for almost half a year in a German town? Yes, this story here. And I’m back to give you all an update.

PHOTO: Pixabay/photosforyou

Little kitties, yawn away the last of your grounded days! Stretch those legs and get ready to smell the fresh air of the outdoors.

Cat owners from the German town of Walldorf, rejoice!

The order has been lifted! Cats are now free to be let out of their homes, and pet owners are now free of having a €500 to a whopping €50,000 fine looming over their heads if their feline pets happen to slink away outdoors without their knowing.

The €500 is for if a leashless cat is found outside, and the €50,000 fine is for the unfortunate circumstance where a cat happens to injure or kill a Crested Lark, the rare bird that German authorities are trying to protect.

PHOTO: Wikipedia/Morhaf Aljanee

The curfew ended two weeks ahead of schedule. According to authorities, “Due to this year’s weather conditions, the breeding and development of the young crested lark is already so far advanced… A good two weeks earlier than predicted, no significant danger to the young birds from free-roaming cats is to be expected.”

What good news for both the bird species and to our feline friends, indeed.

Although this year’s curfew has been lifted earlier, it doesn’t mean that the original decree is going to stop altogether. And despite the public’s disapproval, mostly from animal protection groups, the order is still set to repeat each year until 2025.

I think I’ve said this before, but think of it as doing something for the betterment of the whole community, or the whole planet even, if you look at the bigger picture.

PHOTO: Pixabay/Darkmoon_Art

Again, I’ll repeat my ending statement from the previous article, our cats can afford to take a few months off the streets for the sake of a species’ survival. If not, authorities said that they recommend some cats be rehomed with family or friends who reside outside the affected area for the designated period, so they can get outdoors.

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