Two Flamingo Dads Raise Newborn Chick Who Was Abandoned By Its Parents

A “gay” flamingo couple is raising a newborn chick after it was abandoned by its biological parents.

The flamingos are residents of the Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, England.

According to press release from the zoo, the chick’s biological parents ended up vacating their nest and abandoning the egg.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Zookeepers placed the abandoned egg in an incubator in hopes of keeping it alive, and the little egg eventually hatched into a healthy chick!

The challenge was only partway over at that point, though. The little chick would need parents to care for it, so staff at the zoo began thinking of what couple would be best to place the chick with that might best care for it.

Photo: YouTube/ZSL – Zoological Society of London

Eventually, they settled on a “gay” couple: two male flamingos named Hudson and Blaze.

The duo had been taking excellent care of their shared nest and the zookeepers were hopeful that they’d welcome the little chick into their family – and they were right!

Hudson and Blaze immediately took to the tiny bird and treated it like their own.

Photo: YouTube/ZSL – Zoological Society of London

The zoo’s bird team leader, Tim Savage, said in the press release:

“Flamingos usually work together, as a monogamous pair, to care for their eggs and subsequent chicks.

Hudson and Blaze were the clear choice for the incubated egg, as they have always proved to be ideal parents. After the chick hatched in their nest, they sat with it for two weeks, keeping it warm and protecting it from other flamingos, who often squabble and shove around different nest sites.”

What great parents!

Check out the video below:

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