Gas Station Worker Helps Cool Stray Dog With A Bath During Intense Heat Wave

Life as a stray dog is tough in the best of situations, but sometimes, stray dogs face very real and life-threatening conditions. Beyond fighting for food, clean water, and safety, strays are left to find a way to protect themselves from the elements.

In areas with extreme weather, animals can suffer from the elements just as much as humans can, but stray animals are often unable to help themselves escape. From winter storms to summer heat waves, weather can really put a dog at risk of not just discomfort but death.

Photo: Pexels/Nesrin Öztürk

That was recently seen in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. According to Carbonbrief, Argentina experienced historic heat in 2022.

The report explained: “Across Argentina, more than 50 cities recorded temperatures above 40C [104F], and five recorded their highest temperatures in at least 50 years. For a time in January 2022, Argentina was the hottest country on the planet.”

Photo: Facebook/POlaco Riemersma

As you can imagine, life for stray dogs in Argentina became very difficult during those heatwaves. While many people would turn a blind eye to their struggles, a gas station employee in Santiago del Estero is being praised for doing the right thing!

POlaco Riemersma shared a video of the moment on Facebook explaining that when the heat had become “unbearable,” so an employee of a Shell gas station “grabbed a bucket of water and began to bathe strays who are usually at the service station.”

Photo: Facebook/POlaco Riemersma

Rimerersma said it best when he said (translated), “The WORLD IS ALREADY INFINITELY BETTER (because of people like you).”

Check out the video below:

It’s a good reminder that a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

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