Girl Given Less Than A Year To Live Graduates High School And Takes Two Dates To Prom

When Shannon Horner-Shepherd welcomed her newborn baby girl into the world, her moment of joy was shattered by the doctor’s news: Her baby had a condition that made her “incompatible with life.”

Gabby was born with a chromosomal disorder called Trisomy 13, also known as Patau syndrome, a condition that causes severe intellectual disability and physical defects.

Photo: Facebook/Shannon Horner Shepherd

According to the Mississippi Department of Health, only half of the babies born with Trisomy 13 live longer than two weeks and fewer than 10% survive the first year of life. Gabby’s doctors told Shannon that the baby wouldn’t live longer than a year and that there was nothing they could do about it.

According to a GoFundMe created for Gabby, the doctors told Shannon to “just take her home and love her until she dies.”

Gabby defied all odds and lived passed her first birthday, but she didn’t stop there. She continued to live and is now 23 years old!

In an interview with the Today Show, Shannon explained that she wanted to do everything possible to give Gabby a full and happy life.

When Gabby was about to graduate high school at 21 years old, there was one big moment that Shannon didn’t want her to miss out on: prom. But Shannon didn’t want Gabby to go to prom alone, so she created a Facebook plea, asking for someone to take her daughter to the dance.

She said in the video, “I need someone special who’s willing to take me because I have some special needs.”

According to the Today Show, around 25 people responded to the plea but Shannon was especially touched by two offers and she said yes to both of them.

30-year-old Jeremey Renton and 21-year-old Zack Bowman both accompanied Gabby to prom. Jeremy knew Gabby from coaching hockey for kids with special needs, and Zack simply saw the request online and didn’t want her to miss out on the fun of prom.

The two men spent the evening dancing and having fun at prom with their beautiful date, Gabby.

Zack even shared photos and videos of the night on social media, saying the whole event was “perfect” and he was so lucky to have such a beautiful date.

Zack and Gabby remained friends following prom, and still visit each other from time to time. Who would’ve thought a plea for a one-night prom date would turn into a beautiful friendship?

You can keep up with Gabby on Instagram, @gabby_horner_shep.

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