Reporter Transforms Frozen’s “Let It Go” Into Song About Winter Traffic

Disney’s hit Frozen was released back in 2013, but the songs from that movie are still ringing in the ears of people around the world.

Elsa’s “Let it Go” was a fan-favorite among children and adults alike, and it seems a reporter from Ohio has a special place in his heart for the song. In fact, he went as far as to write a parody of the song called “Just Don’t Go,” sung to the tune of the popular Frozen song.

Photo: flickr/JTOcchialini

Bob Herzog explained on YouTube (in third person):

“After having seen the phenomenal Disney film ‘Frozen’ with his daughter twice and having heard her listen to songs from the movie many times more, Bob Herzog felt compelled to let his parody pen write ‘Just Don’t Go’ to explain the plight of the Traffic Man in winter. There is a reason he doesn’t sing for a living.”

Photo: YouTube/Bob Herzog

The parody is sung with clips of snowy traffic collisions and other weather-reporting clips, really adding to the humor and fun of the video.

There’s just something about the catchy tune that’s hard to resist!

Photo: YouTube/Bob Herzog

It takes a lot of skill to write a parody and Herzog really hit the nail on the head!

You can hear his hilarious parody in the YouTube video below:

What do you think of Herzog’s parody? Let us know!

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