Frosted Faces Foundation Helps Senior Dogs & Cats Find Forever Homes

Kelly and Andy Smíšek, founders of Frosted Face Foundation (FFF) in Ramona, California, are helping senior dogs and cats find loving homes to spend their golden years.

The couple said the foundation was “born from a love of dogs”. They adopted a pair of bonded dogs and realized there was a lack of resources to help older dogs in need of rehoming and getting them the medical care they needed.

They decided to do something about it.

It started out with the couple reaching out to friends and family asking them to help foster senior pets. They footed the medical bills out of their own pocket, until they realized that they needed more help.

The foundation was started in 2014 and two years later they purchased a facility to house even more senior dogs and cats until they could find loving homes. The goal is still to find each pet a home.

Kelly and Andy continue to foster dogs and cats at their home and even take some on adventures.

After years of working to help senior pets, they realized a need for additional programs to help keep senior pets with their families or find them homes after their owner’s passed.


This program helps people in the community cover medical expenses and food for their pets to help them stay in their current homes.


Seniors who are worried about what will happen to their pets when they pass are given piece of mind with this program. If no one in their family is able to take the pet, Frosted Faces will take them in and ensure they get the love and care they need instead of the pet heading to a shelter.

Their motto is, “to love, is to act”. They currently have over 70 Frosted-faced pets looking for a forever home. People are encouraged to visit during their Open House hours on Saturdays and Sundays to meet the adoptable dogs and cats.

As soon as a pet is adopted or taken in by a foster family and a kennel opens up, FFF heads to locals shelters to rescue more senior dogs and cats.

Senior pets are often overlooked but they are the ones that teach us the most. They teach us to enjoy the little things, live in the moment, and take naps in the sun. Don’t let the gray hair fool you, they still have a lot of good years left and so much love to give.

Life is short, so fill your life with the love of a senior pet.

FFF is always looking for fosters and volunteers. They try to rescue as many older pets as possible from shelters but can’t do it without support.

Kelly and Andy are our heroes and proof that one (or two) people have the power to change the world for animals. Learn more about the foundation and how you can help here.

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