Frontier Is Giving Away Free Flights For People Who Adopt These Kittens

Frontier Airlines is offering free flight vouchers up to $1,000 for people willing to adopt one of three special rescue kittens.

The airline shared on Facebook that the three kittens were taken in by the Las Vegas Animal Foundation and will soon be looking for new homes.

The stray rescue kittens were given the names Spirit, Delta, and Frontier. Frontier wrote in its Facebook post: “We were so delighted and honored to have a kitten named after us we decided to give away flight vouchers to whoever adopts the kittens.”

According to CNN, Frontier Airlines is offering two $250 vouchers for those who adopt Delta and Spririt (for a total of $500 each). For the person who adopts the kitten named Frontier, the airline is offering four $250 vouchers, totaling $1,000.

Photo: Flickr/BriYYZ License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Speaking with CNN, the airline said: “We were delighted the rescue organization decided to name these three adorable kitties after airlines, including ours. Underscoring the plight of animals is near and dear to us.”

“We were more than happy to provide a little extra incentive to encourage the adoption of these three precious kittens,” they added.

Photo: Flickr/Lisa Zins License: CC BY 2.0

The kittens will be ready for adoption when they’re around 6 weeks old, which should be in early February. Kittens are usually born in the spring time so it’s unusual for a rescue to have kittens this time of year.

If you’re looking for a new furry friend, this may just be a great time to adopt!

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