Friends Work Together to Rescue Cow Trapped in Deep Lake

When a group of friends went boating in a lake in North Queensland in Australia, they expected to have a leisurely day on the water. However, their day of fun soon turned into a rescue mission when they noticed a large cow struggling in the deep water.

In a video shared by We Love Animals, you can see the friends attempt to rescue the cow, but things don’t go as planned at first.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

For starters, the boat seems to startle the cow and she swims further away from them. However, they refuse to give up on rescuing her and keep pursuing the struggling bovine until they’re able to get a rope around her.

The group had planned to use the rope to pull the cow to safety, but unfortunately, it only made things harder of the cow. As they pulled her with the rope behind their boat, she was struggling to keep her nose above water and was starting to drown.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Thankfully, they noticed and one of the friends actually jumped into the water to help support the cow’s head above the water!

Using their hands, they were able to support the cow and used the boat to drive her to shore. The cow didn’t seem too pleased by all that had happened, but after taking a moment to rest, it seems she finally came to her senses and realized she was rescued.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Back on dry ground, the cow looked at the people who’d saved her with gratitude in her eyes.

You can watch the rescue for yourself in the video below:

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