Freya The Walrus Sunbathes On Boats Around Norway

Summer is a time for being carefree and relaxing in the sun.

One 600-pound walrus in Norway is taking full advantage of the summer weather by hanging out and sinking boats.

The young female walrus who is named Freya (after the Norse goddess) is having her own version of hot girl summer and has become a bit of a celebrity for her sunbathing in the Oslofjord area of Norway. People have even taken to social media platforms like Twitter to share about her and her antics:

Freya is quite renowned, as she has been spotted before around Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Scotland prior to showing up in Oslo’s Frognerkilen bay. Since arriving, she’s caused quite a stir in the local media, particularly because she’s managed to sink several small boats after climbing up in them and using them as a place to nap.

There are many boat owners that want to see Freya moved along, however, there are many, many other locals who want to see her stay.

She’s gained many fans for her various antics, which include chasing a duck, attacking a swan, and – most famously – not knowing her own weight when it comes to certain watercraft.

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Since Freya’s arrival, the Norwegian government has released a statement in which they urge locals to leave Freya alone and let her do her thing.

The official statement read, “We encourage people in the area to leave Freya the walrus alone. She is a wild animal of around 600 kg, which is not necessarily as dorky and clumsy as one might get the impression. The walrus is a protected species and it is forbidden to disturb it unnecessarily.”

Furthermore, the country’s Directorate of Fisheries has also warned the public not to get too close after witnessing several people on paddle boats approach her trying to get a picture.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

According to The Guardian, Norway’s Directorate of Fisheries said, “She is doing well, feeding, resting, and seems to be in good condition. A walrus is not normally a danger to humans as long as you keep a safe distance. But if it is disturbed by humans and doesn’t get the rest it needs, it may feel threatened and attack.”

Weighing in on the walrus discussion, Euro News reports that scientists from the University of South-Eastern Norway stated that since Freya is not used to crowds, she could find people to be a source of stress.

The HuffPost reports that Rune Aae, an expert on walruses, said to the Norwegian News Agency NTB, “She doesn’t get any peace. She needs to relax for up to 20 hours.”

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

In order to make sure that Freya feels safe and protected away from prying eyes, some researchers have come together to build Freya her very own floating platform where she can rest…and hopefully not crush any other boats. Unfortunately, the plan has yet to work, as biologist Kjell Isaksen shared that Freya still prefers the boats. According to HuffPost, Kjell explained that it is most likely the convenience of the boats that draws her to them.

Isaksen said those with low boats that Freya can easily climb into should probably try to turn their boats and “more them with the stern towards the quay,” adding that this will mean a “far less chance of the walrus getting into the boat and causing damage.”

Check out the video below:

What do you think of Freya’s antics? Have you ever seen a walrus in real life before? Let us know!

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