Frederic The Kitty Takes On “Mission Impawsible” In Suspenseful TikTok Video

Frederic the kitty is taking on a “Mission Impawsible” and there’s only one question to be had: Will he complete the mission or give up and turn around?

Photographer Nils Jacobi lives in Germany with Frederic and his three feline accomplices, Fritz, Kleine, and Lissy.

Photo: TikTok/@furryfritz

In a hilarious video shared on TikTok, Nils revealed Frederic’s secret mission with the world.

He captioned the video: “Special agent Frederic on a mission!”

Photo: TikTok/@furryfritz

In the clip, you can see “sepcial agent Frederic” attemtping to squeeze himself through a long, narrow, transparent tube that rests across the bed. It’s reminescent to a spy trying to squeeze through an airduct.

The suspenseful video shows Frederic making it over halfway through the tube, but just when you think he’ll complete the mission, he turns around and backs out.

Photo: TikTok/@furryfritz

In the video’s text overlay, Nils added: “Misson Impawsilble?” and the clip was aptly set to the classic “Mission Impossible Theme” song.

You can see Frederic take on the mission for yourself in the video below:

@furryfritz Special agent Frederic on a mission! #furryfritz #catographer #cat #funnycat #catsareliquid ♬ Mission Impossible Theme (Movie Trailer Mix) – Dominik Hauser

Better luck next time, Frederic!

You can keep up with Nils and his four feline companions on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

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