Have You Ever Heard A Fox That Sounded Like A Fax Machine?

I think that most of us would agree that a little fox can be quite cute. They certainly have a personality, although most of us don’t ever get close enough to truly know what a little fox has to offer.

That is why we appreciate online videos so much. They introduce us to these lovely animals and we get to learn more about them than we ever would have known. That is where Reef comes in.

Reef in a little fox that was rescued in the Florida Keys by Pawsitive Beginnings. That rescue group was able to save the fox and he did something so unusual that they just had to share it with the world.

You might not believe it until you hear it for yourself but Reef makes the most unusual noise. When he vocalizes, it sounds just like an old fax machine! Fortunately, for us, he talks a lot and the rescue was more than happy to share about him on Instagram.

Reef was given a second chance at life when the kind folks at Pawsitive Beginnings rescued him. They do this with many foxes who were born in captivity for the fur trade. That sanctuary provides them an opportunity to live out their lives in peace, as they would not be able to be released into the wild.

Most people don’t realize that these foxes are born in captivity and are not able to be released into the wild.

They would not survive because there are differences between them and foxes that live in the wild. Fortunately, they have this sanctuary and we get to meet one of their star guests, Reef.

Check out the video below:

You can see more of Reef on the rescue’s Instagram account, @pawsitive_beginnings_inc.

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