This Fox Sounds Like a Fax Machine and Expresses Jealousy in the Most Adorable Way

Dogs, regardless of their origin, are all equally adorable and great companions. Even wild foxes can melt your heart with their quirky personalities. Although always deemed mysterious creatures, they surely have an endearing side that makes them more interesting. Foxes can be as loving as domesticated canines, especially when you treat them with genuine care. Like Nicole and Reef from Pawsitive Beginnings, you can build friendships with them.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Nicole Navarro established her wildlife sanctuary in 2020. She grew up in Western Pennsylvania, where she learned the importance of animal care for most of her life. For this reason, it became her lifelong mission — being able to provide a safe place for helpless animals. With her rescue sanctuary, Pawsitive Beginnings, she became a great companion for all the foxes under her care. Nicole currently takes care of seven foxes — Penny, Jasper, Louie, Coral, Kai, Reef, and Libby. Among all of them, Reef is the closest to her.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“He was saved from a fur farm at 10 days old, and I flew to Minnesota to get him when he was just five weeks old,” Nicole shared. “He and I have the most intense bond out of any of the foxes. He’s extremely spoiled and extremely vocal and very demanding.”

Reef is also famously known in their community because of his personality. He has different characteristics that make him lovable despite being a little too territorial. Even the way he expresses jealousy is cute. He produces sounds similar to a fax machine, which is incredibly comical. Reef can certainly surprise you; his personality shows how foxes aren’t just mysterious and dangerous creatures.

Nicole is determined to be a voice for foxes. She explained that even though they are at a sanctuary, the foxes have the freedom to express their various personalities. The refuge has outdoor and indoor facilities solely for the foxes. “They have a huge enclosure, almost a thousand feet of outdoor space. And then there are two particular rooms in our home that I have allowed them access to, but it’s fox proof,” Nicole explained.

The foxes can freely move in the sanctuary. Although they stay indoors most of the time due to the Florida heat, Nicole assured us that the foxes are still wild at heart.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

“Even though these foxes have never been wild, they’re not domesticated, so all of those wild instincts are still there, like the digging and foraging and hunting, so we’ll do enrichment activities,” Nicole says.

Nicole has definitely created a safe space for the lovely foxes without making them lose their natural instincts. Reef is the face of the sanctuary. People in the town of Key Largo just fell in love with him, and they even have a special part in the local newspaper called “The Reef Report.”

Pawsitive Beginnings has an exemplary mission, and Nicole will continue to be a voice for the magnificent foxes. If you have also fallen in love with Reef or just adore foxes, you can get involved with them. Visit their social media pages in their link tree — you can find the link on their Instagram bio.

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