What Adventure Awaits for a Fox, a Cat, and Two Magpies?

People ever only see animal adventures like this when interpreted in films and cartoon shows. Most of the time, the group consists of random creatures that people won’t think of interacting with each other in real life. Even prey and predators become best buds and go on trips to fulfill their quests. But what if it does really happen in the wild, and humans have yet to be made aware of it? Mini adventures are happening while everyone goes on with their lives. Different animals might be teaming up, like a cat and a donkey or a fox and a rabbit. People can only witness that when caught on camera. Such content would go viral when uploaded on social media and gain thousands of engagements.

Photo: Reddit/byzantionr

Fascinatingly, a Redditor posted an exceptional video that shows an encounter between a fox, a cat, and magpies. It was indeed a magnificent sight because those three creatures don’t often hang around with each other. “Fox, cat and magpie in the same frame on the shore of Lake Van,” was written on the caption made by byzantionr. What makes it more interesting is that they all get along. The fox was even being chummy with the white feline without chasing the two magpies. If you had seen them in real life, you might be awestruck and immediately capture the spectacular moment.

Photo: Reddit/byzantionr

As the video continues, one magpie flies away, leaving its partner to its potential predators. But nothing happened, and they all stayed cool with each other’s presence. The 21-second clip earned 23.4k upvotes and over 300 comments. It caught the attention and interest of many people. Who wouldn’t be curious, right? Vlad-the-Inhailer commented, “There’s a witch somewhere missing all her familiars.” They were all magical buddies, indeed!

“It looks like the beginning of a Disney movie,” StunningBuilding383 wrote. The video can be a fantastic reference for a storyline that has yet to be told. They could also be character references which will surely win the viewers’ hearts. How about you? What’s your interpretation of this short clip? Write down your thoughts in the comment section. You might want to share the Reddit post with your friends and family — it will be a great conversation starter.

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