Fox And Badger Caught On Video Sharing Midnight Meal Together

It’s not unheard to have coyotes and badgers hanging out but have you ever heard of a fox and a badger spending time together?

TikTok user @davidchildersghosthunter shared a video of the unusual moment a badger and fox shared a midnight meal together and it’s really soemthing special.

Photo: TikTok/@davidchildersghosthunter

The video was shared with the caption: “Fox and badger enjoy food.”

In the clip, you can see what appears to be a red fox eating food from the top of a barrel alongside a wild badger. They both seem to be completely unbothered by the other!

Photo: TikTok/@davidchildersghosthunter

According to Wildlife Online, badgers and foxes aren’t known to get along particularly well though they have been observed eating together.

In fact, a 2004 research paper observed badgers and foxes eating together at artificial feeding sites.

Photo: TikTok/@davidchildersghosthunter

The paper noted, “…once it was clear that the encounter was not going to escalate to aggression, each species was unaffected by the presence, proximity or orientation of the other. There are preliminary indications that foxes sometimes seek the company of badgers.”

It’s unclear why foxes and badgers might occasionally hang out, but it’s interesting to witness nonetheless!

If you’d like to see a badger and fox feasting together, be sure to check out the TikTok video below:

@davidchildersghosthunter Fox and badger enjoy food #fox #badger #fypシ #foryou #animals ♬ original sound – DavidChildersParanormal Addict

Have you ever seen a fox and a badger eat together? What about other wild animals? Let us know!

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