Jasper the Fox Loves Everything About the Indoors, Especially the Perk of Having Air Conditioning

Building a comfortable ambiance at home is each to their own preference. Those factors make lounging at home much more enjoyable than doing outdoor activities. For some people, a cozy home with the right cool temperature is the definition of comfortable. It’s relaxing to be surrounded by soft furnishings on a couch or bed — covered in a snuggly blanket perfect for the cold environment.

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Air conditioning is an essential item to achieve that, especially when you live in a warm country or state. Jasper the fox can relate to that — maybe because of the Florida heat or old age. According to Nicole, Pawsitive Beginnings’s founder, Jasper is the oldest among the seven foxes in the sanctuary. Everyone has access outside, but Jasper prefers indoors with air conditioning. The fox even called dibs on the coldest part of Nicole’s bed.

“He has made himself right at home here. This is where he spends most of his days now, sleeping on my bed. They have a large enclosure, and they’re allowed to come inside in the air conditioning if they want,” Nicole explained. If Jasper sees someone relaxing on his spot, he will nudge them until they go away on their own. Nicole is no exception to Jasper’s rules — he needs to hog the space and have his beloved air conditioning.

Like all the other foxes in the sanctuary, Jasper was also from a fur farm. He spent 4-5 years on the fur farm as a breeder. With Nicole’s help, the fox had another chance in life, and his health improved at the sanctuary. However, he has developed several health issues due to old age, like severe arthritis. Sometimes he can’t eat, so Nicole has to hand-feed him. Part of his treatment is to undergo laser, acupuncture, and get a massage once a month.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Despite his medical conditions, Jasper still enjoys his life at the sanctuary. And ever since Nicole brought in a kit fox named Kai, Jasper’s life has become happier. He loves taking up the role of Kai’s dad. Nicole thinks that Jasper was drawn to Kai because fatherhood was something the adult fox felt was missing in his life. It was a relief to see Kai and Jasper building a bond that is good for both of them.

Pawsitive Beginnings is a safe haven for the foxes Nicole rescues. Jasper is still able to have a life outside the fur farm. He gets to spend his days as an old fox in a place where he is given proper treatment for his conditions. Not only that, but Jasper gets to relax and have lazy days indoors with a soft bed and air conditioning — which he totally deserves.

Furthermore, Jasper earned a family, and you can get to know them through Instagram. You can find a link on Pawsitive Beginnings’ Instagram profile bio — which will direct you to more important details.

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