Football Player Surprises Young Boy With Autism At His Very First Game

When Hunter Spankowski arrived to play at a football game with his school, he didn’t realize the difference he’d be making in the life of a young boy with autism.

During the game, Hunter noticed 8-year-old Andrew Hinkle in the stands. Andrew was jumping up and down and waving, he seemed so excited to be at the game and Hunter wanted to feed into his enthusiasm!

Photo: YouTube/News On 6/KOTV

To acknowledge the young fan, Hunter turned directly toward him and smiled. Then, he did a little dance just for Andrew to show his appreciation for Andrew’s cheering. It was a small gesutre from Hunter, but it’s something that made a big impact on Andrew’s life.

According to News On 6, Andrew’s mom, Rebecca Dunn, said:

“[Andrew] turned around and said, ‘Mom did you see that guy? He talked to me. He talked to me, and it was like being the special one picked out of the crowd.'”

Photo: YouTube/News On 6/KOTV

While Hunter simply thought Andrew was excited to be there, the young child actually struggles with loud environments like sporting events. He has autism and cerebral palsy, but thanks to Hunter, the experience he had at the football game was positive.

Andrew said, “That was the first day when I was at a football game. It was super, super cool.”

Photo: YouTube/News On 6/KOTV

According to News On 6, Andrew’s mom took to Facebook to find Hunter and properly thank him for making a difference in Andrew’s life.

Thanks to the Facebook post, the two were able to reunite after the game. How neat is that?

Check out the video below:

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