Two Horses Who Lost Their Loved Ones Found Happiness as a Brand-New Family

Could she love a foal that’s not her own?

A woman was asking herself this as she thought of her horse Uniek, who just lost her baby after giving birth. They were both still grieving the loss.

Photo: YouTube/Friesian Horses

At that time, when they discovered the newly born foal was dead, Uniek’s owner allowed her to be with her baby for some moments before it was taken away. Star was what she had decided to call the dead foal, a name she had been keeping in her heart ever since Uniek got pregnant.

Now, amid their grief, there was a new hope for Uniek, yet a new challenge too. It is a long-known fact that mares can get aggressive with foals, including their own. That is why fostering foals is a complex process that requires expertise and patience.

Photo: YouTube/Friesian Horses

The woman was informed that there was a new orphaned foal, and it urgently needed care and sustenance. Uniek might be able to help, while at the same time she could finally be a real mother.

They decided to test if it would work out. The foal was slowly and cautiously introduced to Uniek. They observed for a few minutes how Uniek would react. The wait made them hold their breath.

Photo: YouTube/Friesian Horses

Fortunately, Uniek felt a fondness for the foal. She welcomed it as her new baby. Soon, the foal was enjoying his new foster mom’s milk.

In a very short while, the two horses bonded as a family. Uniek became very protective of her foster baby, who became known as Rising Star. Yes, it was regretful that Uniek lost her real baby, but what’s most important now is that she’s happy again, along with her adopted foal.

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