Man with a Flower Bike Delivers Happiness to the Homeless

To help people, you don’t need to do something huge or extravagant to express kindness. It doesn’t have to be a big charity event, and you don’t even have to be a politician or celebrity. Small acts of kindness can sometimes be the most genuine ones — actions that are truly from the bottom of your heart. It can start at home, at school, or in your office. When people pay it forward, happiness becomes present and builds harmony in the community.

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The internet has a wide variety of stories of people who took the initiative to help those in need. Those individuals are simply citizens who also experienced tough moments in life — yet they still have the heart to give a hand. One man from Amsterdam shares a similar story. His name is Warren Gregory, and he is known as the flower bike man. Warren spreads positivity in his community even just by showing off his vibrant bike adorned with flowers. He makes people smile while he rolls around — Warren incredibly brightens up the streets.

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The flower bike man was originally from Orlando, Florida. He and his wife moved to Amsterdam after she fell in love with the place. Sadly, his wife has epilepsy and lost her bike. That’s when the idea struck Warren — to not lose a bike in Amsterdam, you have to decorate it. Since then, Warren has worked on different bike projects. The very first one was a bike well-adorned with lovely sunflowers. It was for his wife, and she never lost sight of it again.

Photo: Youtube/NowThis News

Warren worked on bikes for other people and businesses — his creativity was well-appreciated by the people of Amsterdam. Those beautiful bikes became a tourist attraction, and Warren’s creations made the place even more special and remarkable. The flower bikes were already an icon, but they became more symbolic when Warren used them for a different purpose. It became a tool for him to help homeless people.

Photo: Youtube/NowThis News

“As far as in the city, I take them in the city for fun now. Then it became a spot to collect homeless meals for the people in the streets that I was seeing. I was still riding around, looking at my bikes and making sure they were okay. And then I started seeing homeless guys everywhere,” Warren shared. So that’s when I started asking people to put food in the baskets, and I would take it to them.”

Warren’s project went well — helping the homeless became the highlight of his flower bike creation journey. He was an exemplary citizen of his community. Warren utilized his creativity for the betterment of society, making him as bright as the flowers on the bikes he designed. With how beautiful life has been for the couple, they decided to stay in Europe. Warren believes there are still a lot of places that need to be adorned with flower bikes that deliver meals and sell smiles for free.

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