Meet Flossie, The Oldest Cat On The Planet

We all hope that we live to a good, old age and that we are well cared for until that time. As pet owners, we also hope that our pet live long and healthy lives, but perhaps Flossie has taken things to the extreme.

Flossie is an amazing cat and perhaps what is even more amazing is the fact that she has been alive for almost 27 years.

Photo: YouTube/Guinness World Records

Actually, they aren’t exactly sure how long she has been alive but they do know that she has been alive at least that long.

According to the Guinness World Records, Flossie has been well cared for since she was picked up in 1995 by a worker from the Merseyside hospital. Prior to that time, she was a stray but now, she had a real home.

Photo: YouTube/Guinness World Records

There were some bumps along the way because her original owner passed away but her sister took the cat in. She was then able to live in that home for over a decade until her new owner died as well.

Flossie found herself as a 24-year-old feline without a home, but the woman’s son was more than willing to take her in. He kept her until recently when he felt that Flossie would be better off being cared for in her old age by volunteers at Cats Protection’s Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and District Branch.

Photo: YouTube/Guinness World Records

According to the Guinness World Records: “He realised that he couldn’t tend to Flossie’s needs and made the responsible choice to entrust her to the care of a charity that could, truly and completely, give the kitty the care, attention and companionship she required as an elderly cat.”

Now that she is some 27 years old, she has made the Guinness World Records as the oldest living cat. She may be 27 but in feline years, but in human years, she’s 120.

Photo: YouTube/Guinness World Records

These days, Flossie is being cared for by Vicki, who has experience in looking after senior cats. She said that she knew Flossie was special from the start but she never imagined that she would share her home with the world record holder.

She calls Flossie affectionate and playful and especially sweet. Let’s hope she is around for a long time.

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