Sea Turtles May Keep Florida Homes From Being Repaired After Hurricane Ian

2022 was a monumental hurricane season. Hurricane Ian slammed into the Florida South West Coast, destroying homes and lives along the way.

Many people have moved on with their lives, and after watching it happen on TV, they simply forget that repairs are still taking place. In reality, many people are still displaced from their homes after that 2022 storm, and they may not be getting back home anytime soon.

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Work is underway in many areas of Southwest Florida to rebuild the homes, but turtle nesting season may be putting many of the projects on hold.

Nancy Miller, the Daytona Beach Shores mayor, says her office was told that construction projects only have until May 1 to complete the work they are doing. That is when turtle nesting season starts and it usually runs into the summer, according to a local news station.

Photo: Flickr/South Florida Water Management District License: CC BY-ND 2.0

According to Fox Weather, she said: “If you have not started construction by May 1, they’re saying you cannot do that. We are working with the state, federal, and county to try to make adjustments to that.”

Since many people are stuck in the middle of a project or trying to get permits approved, it is a real problem. One of the individuals who is struggling with this is Bill London.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, London lives in Wilbur-By-The-Sea, and he has been working since November to get a permit to get a seawall built in front of his home. He is only one of the many who are in a similar situation.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/LTZ9 License: CC BY-SA 2.0

London talks about his home, saying how the ocean is only about 6 inches from taking his deck away. If they get one more storm, his house may not survive.

He went on to say: “They’re saying if a turtle comes up and puts his nest right there, it’s over, I can’t do anything. And as much as I love turtles, that’s a problem.”

Mayor Miller says that the state issues the permits, so there isn’t much that the local government can do. She is working with the state in advocating for the residents, but it isn’t clear how things will turn out.

Photo: Flickr/Florida Fish and Wildlife License: CC BY-ND 2.0

One thing the residents can do at this point is to focus on the projects that are possible to approve. Mny will not make the May 1 deadline, so they have to work on temporary restoration until the nesting season is over.

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