Community Steps Up To Help Florida Dog Lost In South Carolina

One of the more difficult things that a pet owner has to deal with is any time their dog gets lost.

Often, the dog shows up before too much time passes by but even a little bit of time can seem like an eternity for a concerned pet parent.

Then again, there are times when the situation is even more severe. We realize that our dogs are wonderful, but when they go missing, we can really get into a panic.

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Nobody knows this better than Jean Powers. Although she lived in Florida, she was traveling on Interstate 77 in South Carolina when she was in an accident. Her little dog was so frightened over the accident that he ran off into the woods after the accident.

First responders on the scene were looking for the dog and trying their best to help reunite the pooch with its owner. The chief at the Richburg Fire & Rescue said that it was dark. According to the Tampa Bay Times, he said: “He had darted into the woods and we just couldn’t find him.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

After 87-year-old Powers adopted the dog, they were like peas and carrots. You would rarely ever find them apart, which was why the dog was with her as she was driving.

According to the outlet, Powers worked along with family members to look for the dog and they searched for days along with volunteers and firefighters. Even Animal Control in the county got involved by putting up a humane trap near where the car crash occurred. In order to find the dog, Powers decided to stay in the area for an extended amount of time. When they couldn’t find the dog, she eventually had to go back home to Florida but the search wasn’t over.

A message was posted by the Richburg Fire and Rescue on Facebook and it wasn’t long before more and more people were involved.

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That is when it happened. A woman called the fire department two weeks after the dog was missing. She works near the highway at a BP station and talked about a little dog that had wandered into their home. She thought it might be the missing dog.

When animal control officers arrived at the home of Amber Moore, they found out that it absolutely was the same dog. That dog, Goofuss was driven to Florida and reunited with his owner the next day.

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The fire station went on to post about the situation, saying: “Thanks to the extra efforts and kindness of Amber Moore and Chance Millwood, the message made it out! We met with the family and Animal Control came out to verify things. The microchip was scanned and the owner is soon to be reunited with her baby!! Once again, the amazing people in our community come through!”

I just love a happy ending.

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