Flordia Sees First Newborn Surrendered To State’s Only Life-Saving Baby Box

The Ocala Fire Rescue in Florida just welcomed its first surrounded baby!

The baby was placed in the state’s only Safe Haven Baby Boxes, some 80 miles outside of Orlando.

In a Facebook post, the Ocala Fire Rescue explained that back in 2020, it became the first fire department in the state to unveil a Safe Haven Baby Box. The box was designed as a place that parents could safely and legally surrender a newborn, no questions asked.

For two years, the box sat empty, but it was finally used for the first time when a baby was anonymously placed in the box.

According to Today, the baby was safely recovered from the box and transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

From there, the baby will be placed up for adoption with an expectant family if it hasn’t been adopted already.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes was founded by Monica Kelsey, a woman who was abandoned as a baby herself. Since its creation, over 100 Safe Haven Baby Boxes have been placed in communities across the nation.

Giving birth to a baby and being unable to care for them is a tough place to be in, and these boxes offer one mores safe option for parents to choose.

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