Piglet Born With Shaking Head Syndrome Gets Rescued From Euthanasia

A newborn piglet slated for euthanasia was given a second chance at life after being born with a potentially deadly medical condition.

His owners shared on Instagram that the piglet, Floppy, was born on January 18th, 2020 with eight brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, he was born with shaking head syndrome and the vet recommended they euthanasia him “due to the severity of his case.”

According to The Dodo, the vet didn’t think the little piglet would survive longer than a week.

Because of his condition, Floppy had an uncontrollable tremor that made it hard to eat. The tremor was constant, and Floppy would shake his head all day. You can see the tremor in the video below:

Despite his condition and the vet’s prognosis, Chelsey Weaning decided to give the tiny piglet a chance and took him in as a foster. She decided to see if she could keep him alive long enough to overcome his challenges and go to a rescue.

Once in Chelsey’s care, Floppy didn’t just survive – he thrived! Chelsey started an Instagram account dedicated to him (@floppythepig) and was proud to say he fit right in with her two rescue dogs and two cats.

According to Bored Panda, Chelsey explained, “We only expected to have him for a couple weeks, then if he did better to take him to a sanctuary, but when the time came he won our hearts and we couldn’t let go.”

While Floppy was a tiny piglet when he first went home with Chelsey, he didn’t stay little for long. In fact, he’s now a 500-pound pig!

Despite his massive size, Floppy still loves getting pets and enjoys sleeping inside. He even has his own room in the house!

As Chelsey shared on Instagram, Floppy’s tremor has all but disappeared. He lives a normal life, happy, love-filled life and it’s all thanks to someone who was willing to give him a chance.

You can keep up with Floppy on Instagram here!

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