A Video of a Floating Cat from Reddit Has Got the Internet Smiling from Ear to Ear

Animals are already adorable as they are, but their mini versions are a total heart stealer. You wish you could just put them inside your pocket and take them anywhere. Their presence can melt anyone at first sight — even through a device’s screen. Photos and videos of baby animals make up for the negativities that fill the internet. Following various social media accounts that share those kinds of content can be addictive. And that’s alright because, in this day and age, people need something to make them easily smile.

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It doesn’t matter if the video is short or long — people will still watch it and replay it multiple times. Baby animals can steal our hearts, especially tiny amusing kittens. The adorable fur babies can sit down or simply walk, and users from different platforms will gush over them. Kittens can become as famous as celebrities and usually receive much love through likes, comments, and shares.

For instance, a video of a baby kitten was uploaded by Random_Average_Human. Although the kitten was just floating on the water, the 30-second clip earned 5,965 upvotes and over 80 comments. It seemed that the precious kitten was about to take a bath when the owner noticed how adorable it looked while floating. Despite the floating cat’s poker face, it seemed relaxed, and there was no trace of panic. It was just one of those days when a kitten needs to be carefree and float away all worries.

People in the comment section exchanged expressions of adoration for the kitten while others shared jokes. One person also shared the significance of the video for the kitten’s well-being. PoorNerfedVulcan wrote, “That face is so adorable, he seems so confused. The water is comfortably warm, this is how you raise cats to be unafraid of water. Warm water, relaxing situations, and starting young. Warm liquid is comfortable; they were in the womb after all.”

The comment section was filled with different sentiments and discussions. One thing is for sure – the kitten had won the hearts of its viewers. No one can deny that the video made them smile or tempted them to adopt a cat. The video was as relaxing as floating in a pool or relaxing in a bathtub after a long day.

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