People Are Either Amazed Or Disgusted With This Video Of A Wasp Nest Getting Destroyed

It’s a joke that the internet loves – if you see any kind of insect anywhere, burn the place down.

Australians are probably sick of the joke, and people are not really capable of burning anything down without harming their own property. But what if they can?

Now, this isn’t really about a spider. This is more terrifying if you’re afraid of flying insects, but you have no reason to be afraid of these bugs if you stay away and leave them in peace.

Our opponents for today are wasps, everybody!

A TikTok video went viral for displaying a bit of overkill with its way of getting rid of a wasp nest. With almost 15M views on TikTok, a drone equipped with a flamethrower is shown flying over top of a building and absolutely obliterating a wasp nest hanging in a tree.

PHOTO: TikTok/bebeetok

The video was also reposted on Reddit and gained its fair share of upvotes, awards, and comments. Weirdly enough, the post got a “Faith In Humanity Restored Award” and a “Wholesome Award” as well. Perhaps previously bitten-by-wasps Redditors are thankful that the display of such a fiery solution counts as revenge for their past hurt? Or did the knowledge of the existence of such a drone somehow make them feel better, give them hope that wasps have finally found their match?

Folks over on TikTok made jokes that the drone is peak America.

Someone said that it looks so dangerous and illegal that they can’t help but want one for themselves. Another user replied that a drone with a flamethrower is as legal as it gets.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Jonathan Lampel

Since that particular comment intrigued me (and some of you as well, I’m assuming), I looked it up so you don’t have to.

“Unless authorized by the Administrator, a person may not operate an unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft system that is equipped or armed with a dangerous weapon.”

As long as you have authorization, you can attach things to your drone. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the government up to $25,000 for each violation.

A Redditor also commented how they think that the drone used in the video might be operated by a professional. So in this case, it might be legal.

by u/Kinet1ca from discussion A flamethrower drone taking out a wasp nest
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Let’s just hope that whoever was operating the drone knew what they were doing.

And for those who might be worried about the stinging insects, a Redditor deduced that since the tree obviously had no leaves, it was torched during fall or winter, when there would be little to no wasps inside the nest. So the drone was basically just removing an abandoned nest.

Watch the video below.


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