Couple Adopts Cuddly Dog Only To Get A Lot More Than They Bargained For

There are times when we want something bad, but we don’t know exactly everything that goes along with it. It seems as if Sydney Victoria found this out the hard way, and she posted the journey on TikTok.

It began when she wanted to adopt a dog, and her boyfriend was not really on board with that. It took a while but she was able to convince him so she brought a dog home but that is where the story really began.

Photo: TikTok/@accidentalgrandma

Sydney posted a video that showed the journey of adopting a dog, but it was more than just one dog, it was a “rescue one get five free” scenario.

That was why the video went viral, with over 1.2 million people watching it.

Photo: TikTok/@accidentalgrandma

What started out as adopting a cute and cuddly dog ended up with the birth of five puppies. She said: “I read her description and she’s supper (sic) quiet and cuddly. We got this.”

By the end of the video, you get to see the puppies as they grew and it seems as if she is more than happy to take care of them. It’s a labor of love, but there were also some people who commented on the video, saying that it could lead to some fighting among the dogs as they were littermates.

Photo: TikTok/@accidentalgrandma

One of the funnier parts of the video was when the boyfriend seemed to be asking her if she had looked up the signs of dog pregnancy. Obviously, she hadn’t and it wasn’t long before they were welcoming the puppies into the world.

Her boyfriend may have been a little skeptical after that, telling her that he told her she should not get a dog.

@accidentalgrandma Buy one get 5? Thats a hell of a deal if you ask me #fyp #pregnantdog #dogsoftiktok #funny #viral #rescue #oops #fail #meanttobe #love #dog #family ♬ Sirtaki (Zorba the Geek) – LucasGitanoFamily

Now they have six dogs, and she wants to keep them all.

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