Sad And Depressed Shelter Cat Finds Loving Home After Going Viral On Twitter

It can be difficult when you’re a cat living in a shelter. Some might even say that it can be depressing, and it seems as if Fishtopher was feeling it.

Rescuers took pictures of this cat, who was feeling very sad and depressed according to his adoption listing on Pet Finder. After they posted the pictures, Fishtopher went viral and it wasn’t long before his frown was turned upside down.

Molly Clarke is the one who made his pictures of his adoption listing famous. She posted them on Twitter, saying that he wasn’t a fish out of water but he was out of sorts living at the shelter.

The listing went on to say: “He is very sad and depressed and will only eat when he has company. Five-year-old Fishtopher was found as a stray, maybe he is missing his family.”

When you look at the pictures from the adoption page, you can really feel the sadness that was on the heart of this adorable cat. They said he wouldn’t even look up for the pictures but he does love getting chin rubs.

They described him as being a “big cheeky boy” and then tempted everyone by asking if they wanted to rub his big cheeks.

After hundreds of people began taking an interest in this depressed cat, things got a little strange, and people were lining up outside of the shelter to see if they would be the ones that could take him home. The shelter shared on Facebook that they were very happy for him and even though not everyone could take Fishtopher home, they still had hundreds of other kitties who wished people would come in and wait in line for them.

All in all, a number of felines were adopted from the New Jersey shelter thanks to the attention that he brought to it.

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