Fisherman Rescue Man Lost At Sea Who’d Been Treading Water For 24 Hours

Hawaiian fisherman Ryan Carroll was out on the water when he noticed something unusual: a man drifting in the waves.

While seeing people swimming near beaches in Hawaii is common, what made seeing this man unusual was that he was three miles off-shore in rough waves. It was enough to make Ryan turn his head and even stop his boat to help!

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It’s a good thing he did, too, because the man had allegedly been trapped in the ocean for nearly 24 hours, treading water to stay afloat the whole time.

Needless to say, the man (who was later identified as Mason) was clinging to life and in desperate need of medical care.

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Ryan filmed part of the rescue and shared it on TikTok, where he wrote:

“We found this guy over 3 miles off shore, he had been treading water for almost 24 hours on one of the roughest windiest days of the year.”

Photo: TikTok/

The video received over 22 million views before Ryan deleted it.

Different TikTok users, including @nojumper, have reuploaded the video so you can see the rescue for yourself:


A man was rescued by fishermen after being stranded in the sea for almost 24 hours. 😳 (via

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Mason’s sister, Madison, shared on TikTok that Mason allegedly “went to go for a swim and the current pushed him out and he couldn’t get back to land..”

She also shared an update on GoFundMe that since being rescued, Mason has been struggling with mental health issues and refuses to talk. They’re hoping to raise the money to send him to a private inpatient treatment center for people with mental health issues so he can get the help that he needs to fully recover from the ordeal.

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