Rare and Angry Monster Fish Was Caught by a Connecticut Fisherman

For Connecticut fisherman Joe Rivas, it was the ultimate catch of his lifetime!

A monster fish that measured 42 inches, with strength that could make a battle between a human and its species an extremely difficult challenge.

Photo: YouTube/Musky Mastery

But Rivas did not give up. In fact, Rivas is such an experienced angler that, prior to this very impressive feat, he had already caught another monster fish a few weeks ago — which was just one inch shorter than this latest trophy.

For his perseverance and skills, Rivas was widely praised for this catch, which he released back into the lake afterward. The fish was a tiger muskie, a hybrid offspring of the northern pike and muskellunge. It is one of the most prized freshwater gamefish in America, so rare and difficult to catch that it’s been dubbed as “the fish of 10,000 casts.”

Another reason why it’s rare is that tiger muskies are a sterile fish species; they cannot reproduce on their own. They are produced during the spawning season of northern pike and muskellunge who share the same spawning habitats.

Although they have a shorter lifespan than pure-strain muskellunge, tiger muskies have the advantage of rapid growth. They can reach more than four feet in length and more than 30 pounds in weight.

Photo: YouTube/Musky Mastery

Where can you find tiger muskies?

The two tiger muskies that Rivas caught were from Lake Lillinonah at Lake Lillinonah Park, which is also known for its scenic beauty and picnic grounds.

Meanwhile, according to In-Fisherman, Merwin and Mayfield reservoirs are the best spots among Washington’s tiger muskie fisheries.

Photo: YouTube/Musky Mastery

In the Midwest, Lac Vieux Desert is the most popular tiger muskie fishing destination, along with the Twin Cities metro lakes in Minnesota and Lake of the Woods in Ontario.

In the East, Otisco and Conesus Lakes are the prime spots in New York for catching monster tiger muskies.

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