Pet Fish Accidentally Reveals Owner’s Credit Card Information During Livestream

A group of pet fish somehow managed to reveal their owner’s credit card information while doing a livestream for the world to see.

Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru regularly shares videos of his fish playing video games.

Photo: YouTube/Mutekimaru Channel

The betta fish are placed in a tank that’s divided into different sections that are designated as the Left, Right, Up, Down, A and B buttons of a game controller. A webcam captures the movements of the fish, and where they swim controls the movements of the game.

You may think fish randomly choosing buttons and movements wouldn’t get very far, but they’ve proven to be quite successful in the past! Recently though, they took things to a new level when they managed to go on a shopping spree and even revealed the credit card information of their owner.

Photo: YouTube/Mutekimaru Channel

During the livestream the fish were supposed to be playing a game of Pokemon Violet. Somehow, however, the game exited and the device returned to the home screen.

The fish were still in control of the controller and managed to open the Nintendo eShop and spend $4 of their owner’s money!

Photo: YouTube/Mutekimaru Channel

In the process, they also exposed their owner’s credit card information and downloaded a new app among other things.

If you’d like to see all the mischief the fish managed to get into, you can check out the livestream for yourself below:

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