Kids Can Watch Fish They Draw Swim Through A Virtual Aquarium In Missouri

Growing up in a small town, going to an aquarium was a big deal. It usually meant we got to travel to al large city, like San Fransisco or Portland, before exploring massive tanks of fish with fun colors and neat lights.

Each aquarium has its own unique charm, but kids who visit the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station in Missouri are really in for a treat.

Photo: TikTok/@jenn4thewin

A mom named Jenn (TikTok user @jenn4thewin) recently shared a video about her trip to that aquarium on TikTok and it’s really incredible what her son was able to do there!

As you can see in the video below, her young son used a coloring station to draw a fish of his own. The colors featured bright yellow with fun orange spots. It was a unique coloring of a fish you might not see in real life, but once his photo was scanned into a virtual tank, it was as if the picture came to life.

Photo: TikTok/@jenn4thewin

After processing his photo, the virutal tank popped out his fish as if it was real and swimming around! It’s really something neat that even parents could enjoy.

Jenn shared a video of the experience on TikTok with the caption, “@aquariumstl He has SO much fun! THANK YOU!”

Photo: TikTok/@jenn4thewin

“Coolest aquarium ever!” she added in the text overlay.

Chec out the video below:

@jenn4thewin @aquariumstl He has SO much fun! THANK YOU! #toddler #unionstationaquarium #unionstation #stl #stlouis #aquarium #boymom #fish #fishcontent #momsoftik ♬ Toy – Netta
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