The Books That First Captured These Redditors’ Hearts Are Totally Worth the Read

Reading is a hobby that is definitely beneficial and worth spending your time on. You are taken to a different universe whenever you indulge in a book. It’s the easiest form of time travel or visiting other worlds you wish were real. The hobby is an escape that is not easy to let go of once you reach the final page. The characters you have journeyed with have helped you learn more about society and yourself. Books can help shape your personality and outlook in life, especially when you resonate with a character. It’s not just the story that keeps you going but the connection you’ve built with every detail of the literary piece.

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When you’ve found that one book, it’ll be the start of your mission to fill up your bookshelf. A bookworm is born with the first book you have ever loved since chapter one. You were immersed in it and have learned valuable lessons not often discussed in real life. Every character is a person you hold dear — even the antagonists made a mark in your mind. A Redditor with the username Rafia45 opened this topic with the question, “What is the first book you remember really loving?” Bookworms excitedly shared the remarkable novels that touched their souls. Below are some of the answers you can find in the comment section.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The comic science fiction written by Douglas Adams is a collection of five books. The adventure began with Arthur Dent and his best bud Ford Prefect from Earth. Your imagination will be highly tested and honed as you go through the pages of the novel. “Glad to see this was already posted. HGG was mine too. Something about the combination of science fiction and British humour in Adams’s inimitable style just really appealed to me,” BuzzVibes replied to whistlerphil’s answer. If you’re a science fiction enthusiast, then “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” will catch your attention.

Charlotte’s Web

Even an adult would be immersed in the world where Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider shared a beautiful friendship. The novel by E.B. White contains many moral lessons found and learned in each chapter of the book. It’ll emotionally resonate with you, especially the parts about friendships, dealing with changes, and death. PawsibleCrazyCatLady responded to DeathSpiral321’s answer, “Me, too. It was the first hardcover chapter book I owned, and I just adored the story. Just a few years ago, I passed my copy along to another little girl.” Indeed, “Charlotte’s Web” is a book that every generation should experience.

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The Little Prince

Real world issues hidden in a children’s storybook have won the hearts of many, both children and adults. Each character will make you remember various people based on your book interpretation. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has introduced his readers to notable personalities such as the fox, the rose, the snake, and so much more. A lot of people outside of Reddit can testify that “The Little Prince” holds a special place in their lives. Some people even collect the book in different languages. Moreover, it connects with many readers as “The Little Prince” tackles childhood, dreams, and problems caused by adults.

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Little Women

As you read the life of the four March sisters, you’ll realize that each represents different women in society. It’s a story of how young women journey from childhood to adulthood while dealing with family and personal issues. Louisa May Alcott has provided a timeless literary piece well-loved by every generation that has passed. “Little Women. The more I learned about Louisa May Alcott, the more obsessed I got with the book!” MaybeMyMonkeys commented. The book gives you lessons about family and relationships and discusses gender roles. Many are inspired by the “Little Women,” Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.

Lord of The Rings

J.R.R Tolkien has gathered a fandom that cherishes his work and the film adaptation. As a child, you’d be mesmerized by the enchanting world located in Middle Earth. You are taken to a fantasy adventure divided into three volumes. It’s the type of book series you’ll read multiple times as a kid and a grown-up. Several Redditors share the same answer and love for the novel in the comment section.

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The Reddit post became an online book club that made people reminisce about the first book they ever loved. Their answers are the literary pieces that opened their eyes and their mind to a lot of things. If you aim to widen your book choices, the comment section is an excellent reference. You could also share the novel that created the enormous book enthusiast in you and has been jumping around in different worlds since then.

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