Firefighters Rescue Tiny Dog Trapped Behind Toilet

When you’re a firefighter, you never quite know what the day will hold. Firefighters respond to so much more than fires. They help out at car accidents, general emergencies, natural disasters and so much more. Of course, there’s also the stereotype of a firefighter helping a kitten down from a tree.

For firefighters with the Woodlands Fire Department in Woodlands, Texas, helping an animal in need isn’t out of the question.

Photo: Pixabay/Hilary Clark

Recently, they were called to assist an animal with an “unusual problem.” It wasn’t a kitten in a tree that needed help, but it was a small animal who was trapped.

The Woodlands Fire Department took to Facebook to share about the rare rescue.

Photo: Flickr/Nicolas Nova License: CC-BY-2.0

They said, “A small dog had managed to wedge himself behind a toilet. Firefighters found that ‘Tippy’ was well and truly stuck.”

They tried “several things” to free Tippy. Unfortunately, nothing was working. In the end, they had to remove “a small amount of Sheetrock to free the pinned pooch.”

Thankfully, Tippy was just fine. Sheetrock can be replaced, but the life of a furry friend cannot.

They said, “Tippy was returned to his owner and was last seen dozing comfortably in a much less precarious place.”

This morning the crew from E102 were confronted with an unusual problem. A small dog had managed to wedge himself…

Posted by The Woodlands Fire Department on Monday, June 19, 2023

The post included a handful of photos showing the firefighters working to free Tippy. It looks like it was quite an ordeal!

While an unusual situation, we’re so glad that Tippy is safe and sound with his human! Hopefully he won’t attempt to wedge himself in tight spaces again.

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