Firefighters Save One-Week-Old Puppy Trapped Under A House

When you work as a firefighter, you never know what challenges you might be called to. Beyond fighting fires, firefighters act as everyday first responders and are called to a variety of jobs, from car accidents to helping pedestrians. They’re even know to help rescue animals!

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the stereotype of a firefighter helping a kitten down from a tree. It’s a story that’s often portrayed, though I don’t know how common it really is. As it turns, though, firefighters don’t just help kittens, but puppies as well!

Photo: Facebook/Mount Pleasant Texas Fire Department

Firefighters with the Mount Pleasant Texas Fire Department recently received a call about a “lost puppy” who’d fallen under a family’s deck and wiggled under the home.

The fire department shared on Facebook, “Crews from Station 1 put their trench rescue skills to work” and dug a trench under the deck to access the puppy.

Photo: Facebook/Mount Pleasant Texas Fire Department

Thankfully, Firefighter Stockinger was able to crawl through the trench and rescue the puppy, who was just one week old!

The tiny pup hadn’t even opened his eyes yet, but he managed to survive the incident and came out unharmed. Now, he’s safely back with Mom and that’s the best outcome we could ask for.

Photo: Facebook/Mount Pleasant Texas Fire Department

Hopefully he’ll be a little less adventurous moving forward!

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