Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck At The Top Of A Tree

A Caldwell, Idaho dog is safe on her feet after a scary and hilarious incident with a tree!

Apparently, the dog named Izzy was chasing a squirrel and when the little critter darted up a tree, the dog decided to follow.

Photo: Facebook/Caldwell Fire Department

Izzy managed to get up the tree, but then she couldn’t figure out how to get back down, and her owner was forced to call for help.

There’s a stereotype about cats getting stuck in trees and firefighters being called to the rescue. This may just be the first time I’ve heard of a dog getting stuck in a tree though!

Photo: Facebook/Caldwell Fire Department

The Caldwell Fire Department responded to the scene and immediately began working to get the dog to safety.

They shared about the rescue on Facebook, saying: Well, definitely not a cat in a tree. Caldwell Fire and Caldwell Police responded to a dog stuck in a tree, this afternoon. After much coaxing, the canine was brought safely to the ground.”

Photo: Facebook/Caldwell Fire Department

“Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels,” they added.

The post was shared alongside photos of the dog both in the tree and safely on the ground.

Photo: Facebook/Caldwell Fire Department

According to the New York Post, Izzy was safely reunited with her owner, Christina Danner. And to make matters even better, Danner revealed that the dog was “never even close” to catching the squirrel.

At least she gave her best effort.

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