Netizens Applauded the Firefighters Who Rescued an Elk That Fell into an Icy Pond

People who continue to serve the community with courage and dedication to ensure everyone’s safety are modern-day heroes. It’s only right to applaud them, especially when they rescue others amidst a perilous situation. Firefighters are one of those heroes that need to be recognized. Even though they say it’s just part of their job, it’s still inspiring how they chose a line of work that could harm them. They have saved countless people from fires, transported citizens to the hospital, and rescued those trapped in certain places. With or without fire, they are prepared to provide you with their services. Animals are no exception — firefighters are willing to help them.

Photo: Twitter/Evergreen Fire/Rescue

On February 17, in Evergreen, Colorado, an elk fell into an icy pond, which had citizens worried. Individuals who came to the scene immediately dialed 911 to remove the elk in its frozen situation. Evergreen Fire and Rescue quickly took action and went to the pond near Timbervale Drive. The fire department shared footage of their rescue operation on their Twitter account. It took two firefighters to successfully pull the elk out of the icy pond.

Photo: Twitter/Evergreen Fire/Rescue

They cut part of the ice so the elk could freely escape the pond. But it did not make the rescue mission easy, especially when the animal’s leg kept slipping from the firefighter’s hand. The elk also found it difficult to move due to the cold temperature. But after a few minutes, they finally took the elk out and then waited for it to walk on its own. The animal stayed still for a few seconds until it found the strength to stand up and return somewhere safe. Some netizens believe the elk also stayed for a while to thank its rescuers for doing a great job.

The Twitter video was received well by the internet, and a lot of people praised the firefighters who came to the elk’s rescue. With how amazed people are, the clip gained 38k views and 1k likes. The reply section was filled with praises, and many people also expressed their gratitude for the efforts the firefighters showed in the video. It was indeed the good news you’d want to see on your timeline. Watch the whole rescue operation below. Retweet or quote retweet to show appreciation for the firefighters who work hard for the community.

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